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The decision making process at EU and national level substantially influences your business activity in ways that may not always be apparent.

Our experts will keep you informed and updated about relevant legislative changes, follow the entire legislative process for you, and will convey your key messages to the competent authorities, be it at the European or at the national level.

Our extensive experience in Brussels and  our profound knowledge of the functioning of the European Commission and the European Parliament will be a key asset in our representation of your interests.

Public institutions are often driven by political momentum and are not always capable of considering and understanding the details of all the interests at stake. Our experts will ensure that your viewpoints are meaningfully taken into account within the framework of any decision making process that might affect you.
Food and Law provides its clients with top class legal counselling with regard to any question related to European Union law in general, and to European and Spanish food law in particular. 

Our lawyers have extensive practical and academic experience in questions related to the law of the EU internal market, intellectual property rights, agriculture and food law, acquired while working at the European Institutions and in private practice.

We focus our practice on the needs of small and medium sized companies active in the food sector which need legal advice on a series of issues.

Our practice covers every legal aspect that deals with the production, distribution and marketing of food and beverages. We advise you on issues such as production regulation, food labelling, product liability, health related claims, authorisations, competition law, commercial law, consumer law or IP law.